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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Recruiting the right people gains customer approval for Waterstones Booksellers

We were thrilled to see that Waterstones currently tops the leader board on the Mary Portas Secret Shopper List of ‘The Best Shops in Britain’. Based on an aggregate score of comments left by real customers it’s clear to see that employees at Waterstones really know how to deliver brand enhancing customer service.

How do they do it? Their starting point is to recruit and select the best people and they pay close attention to something often overlooked in recruitment: fit for the job ie will candidates love doing what the job requires of them. For Waterstones that means living their hugely customer service oriented values.

With help from Changeworknow, their online recruitment process has been custom designed to help candidates assess themselves against the important skills needed to do the job AND those all important behaviours or motivations.

Anyone may be able to operate a cash register; but not everyone does it with a genuine smile, a passion for the product and a sense of satisfaction that the customer has got what they want.

By having on online process that highlights those candidates who are a good fit against skills AND motivations, the quality of hires has really improved and it’s the customer’s who are benefitting and going out of their way to vote them number one!

Now that’s got to be good for business.