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Thursday, 29 July 2010

River Isand - leading the way in fashion and online recruitment!

River Island the leading high street fashion retailer has expanded its online recruitment system to incorporate head office roles. Following on from their highly successful retail online recruitment activities River Island is now looking to recruit all vacancies within the business using our solution. The head office online system has been launched using Changeworknow’s brand new platform launched in early summer.

The new system features the latest and most advanced technologies on the market and will enable River Island not only to drive down agency costs but create greater efficiencies in the recruitment process with features such as tag clouding, activity prioritisation cues and extensive use of tooltip for a much improved recruiter and manager experience.

The retail team have been using the new system since May and the productivity gains have been outstanding and immediate. An amazing 400 quality hires were made in just two weeks by one recruiter alone.

Lesley Nash, Managing Director, explains “This new system has been designed to give recruiters and managers significantly more efficiencies in how applicants are managed and communicated with. The system interface is highly intuitive and challenges all the existing paradigms of how a traditional applicant tracking system should be used. River Island have seen the benefit of these efficiency changes in a matter of weeks”.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Birthday celebrations at the Henley Festival

Last week Changeworknow took a break from online resourcing and headed to the Henley Festival to celebrate our end of year and the start of our tenth year as a company. A lot has changed in the ten years that we have been in operation and over the next year we will be celebrating this milestone with some special events.

But first off a night at the Henley Festival of Music and Arts with the team to sample some fabulous food at the Albert Roux restaurant and to watch Will Young perform. Our two founders were more than delighted to have their picture taken with Michel Roux himself!

One can never be sure of the weather on these occasions but we were blessed with perfect conditions for the team to enjoy the delights of Henley at its very best. The consensus was that we should do it all again next year and with our new year off to a great start there should be no reason why not!